B-Seite Jetztkultur Festival 2013 RAW Files

Hi guys! This is my first English post on armitage.tv. Last week I announced to provide the download of the B-Seite Jetztkultur Festival 2013 movie and additional raw footage for remixing and adapting. I was quite unsure about the best way to do that. „Just uploading the files to a web server and post a description? Where to host the files? How to be sure to get everybody understanding what I mean?“ were just a few questions I asked my self. Usually my postings are in German and the artist interviews in English. I’m not experienced to write English texts. So, please excuse my crappy English (I’m sure a native speaker will have fun to read this ;), but this post has to be understandable by as much people as possible (and if you don’t get me, feel free to ask at any time for an explanation).


One month past the beautiful B-Seite Festival and two weeks past the release of the B-Seite 2013 movie my thoughts are still  rumbling in the small bloc city Mannheim. With the returning to Berlin I got not just new friends, experiences and spent a wonderful time with old friends, but also work. Many festival participants asked me to send them the video footage of their works. Unfortunately we all are spread over whole Europe, but luckily connected thru the internet. The entire raw footage has an amount of 100 GB and my internet connection is a funnel. The upload is limited up to(!) 1Mbit and if I’m going to upload 24/7 this would take at least one month. So I picked out the best shots and compressed them to h.264 at 25.000 bit/s. The quality is pretty close to the original files and the file size is acceptable as well. Three days of uploading and finally 60 minutes of high quality footage are up!


All footage is free to edit for non commercial work under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. If you’re not familiar with the Creative Commons license model I recommend you to take a closer look on that. By my opinion this licensing models opened the doors for easy collaborations and progress of the digital information sharing. The download links to the raw footage are password protected and sliced in two parts 3GB each. Password is: bseite . The B-Seite Festival 2013 movie (1.6GB) can be downloaded without the password. As I don’t own the full rights on the music of the movie, you have to get the permission from the artists by your self or use your own music. Just visit the below listed links, read the description(!) and download the files. Oh and be sure to choose ‚Original MOV‘, otherwise you’ll going to get crappy quality files. As soon as you’ve done your edit, please let the organizers of the B-Seite Festival and me know about your work.

RAW Footage Part 1
RAW Footage Part 2
B-Seite Festival 2013 movie

For the next event documentary I’m thinking of making a kind of a footage download station entirely without internet and directly at the event. Each participant will be able to grab his footage immediately. In future I want to visit more visual art events and make documentaries of them. If you like what I’m doing, you’re a promoter or know visual art related people please let them know about my documentary plans.

What do you think about my first English post? Do you have an idea related to the ‚footage download station‘? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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