Modul8 V3.0 goes HD and beyond 4k

Damn good news for all Modul8 lovers – the brand new version which got a new name – Modul8 HD V3.0 – is able to playback 20 layers of HD content easily and supports up to 8k videos. A brand new HAP and H.264 media player engine is the key and should step up the game. Also 4 years after the first retina display got to the market the M8 interface is now optimized for retina displays.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 12.47.43

The developer team is on the right way to get back in to business of high resolution and up to date technology and it’s exciting to see what artistic projects will be created in the near future with their technology. If you’re a Modul8 2.9 user you should head over to the Modul8 page and give a try to the BETA version.

Beside all that you can get a free modul8 t-shirt if you report an undiscovered bug or explain how to reproduce a crash by sending an email to: beta[AT]garagecube[DOT]com .

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Modul8 HD Version V3.0
BETA 1 Release Note :

+ New super optimized media player engine
(images, movies, image folders, Quartz-Composer, video-inputs)
Now supports videos up to 8K
Optimized for HAP code and H264 video playback
+ user-interface with retina displays support
+ support up to 1024 media loaded (8 mediasets of 128 medias)
+ new Locking and unlocking layer
+ new Master Lightness output
+ new layer normalize ratio options (4/3,16/9,16/10)
+ new automatic Image resizing to use less memory „Image maximum rendering size“ preference
+ additional specials testcards: FullHD, HDReady, XGA, WYGA
+ display RGB Color preview for background color, invert output color and output add color, modulate and additive color for layers

* improved Direct to Disk Recording (faster, add feedback informations)
* Saves video Preview mode when quit.
* video capture preferences display BlackMagic out-dated drivers warning
* Disable Blackmagic support“ preference for other apps to use it
* replaced quicktime player by both FFmpeg and AVFoundation for maximum codec compatibility (for multi audio channel video, use AVFoundation playback option)
* bug fixes and stability improvements
*Drag and Drop Media import is working with more than 16 media

New Modul8 Module Keywords:

We also added useful new features to add comfort for the user experience like a new User interface now compatible with retina display screens. You can now lock a layer to prevent from deleting or editing an important asset of your show.

Up to 1024 Media
New 8 Media set groups : you can now handle up to 1024 media in a single project.
Additional specials testcards: FullHD, HDReady, XGA, WXGA
Output Lightness
Useful when you work with LED Walls or create content for MadMapper’s MADLIGHT
Change the brightness of the final displayed output while you keep the output preview untouched

This Public Beta version is available from today for any users who own a serial which is compatible with modul8 2.9. To download it, click on the button or log on the modul8 yourspace page us gin your modul8 serial.

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