Base – neuer Livid Instruments Controller


Livid Instruments hat einen neuen Hybrid-USB-Controller vorgestellt. Er verfügt über 32 druckempfindliche Tasten, neun berührungsempfindliche Fader und einige weitere Funktionstasten. Alle Steuerelemente sind RGB LED beleuchtet und die 1,5 Kilogram deuten die gleiche, sehr gute Verarbeitung an, welche von seinen Vorgängern bekannt ist. Der Preis ist mit $ 399,- angegeben.

Livid Instruments Base Controller

Weitere Fakten:

• 32 pressure and velocity sensitive pads, eight function buttons, nine capacitive touch faders, and eight capacitive touch buttons, all with RGB backlighting.
• Character display to switch between presets, with up to 10 presets available
• Touch faders allow you to switch between presets and instantly updates the fader settings for each preset
• The Base editor web application allows you to customize all its settings for your favorite DAW, VST, plugin, or application
• Under three pounds and less than an inch thick (10.25”x11”x0.75”)
• Powered by a single USB cable with RGB back lights bright enough to see in daylight
• Engineered, and assembled in Livid’s very own manufacturing facility in Austin, TX
• Built to last with a high quality, lightweight aluminum body
• Base is a class compliant MIDI instrument designed to work with any software that supports MIDI, and doesn’t require the use of any special drivers
• Scripts and templates available for Ableton Live, Max/MSP, Traktor, and more


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